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lawyer Abogado - Enrique Lara Herrera

Enrique Lara Herrera

In 2013, he joined Doporto Abogados as Corporate Director, participating in acquisition transactions, assignments of marketing rights for pharmaceutical products and assignment of cinematographic property rights.

Enrique Lara Herrera obtained a law degree from Universidad Anáhuac México, South Campus . His education includes various courses taken in Canada, England, Australia, and Spain.

After being part of a law firm specialized in civil and commercial litigation, he began working as a corporate lawyer, where he negotiated civil and commercial agreements for multinational clients and dedicated himself to incorporating new companies, preparing strategies and advising on foreign investment matters. , licensing, acquisitions, divisions and mergers.

Subsequently, he joined another office as Legal Manager and advised on international commercial transactions, licensing schemes, as well as advertising and consumer protection matters. Due to the results obtained, he was promoted to Head of the Legal Department. In which he led teams in developing corporate governance, transparency, data privacy and anti-bribery policies.

He is currently the Corporate Director at Doporto & Asociados, SC where he has participated, playing a leading role, in important transactions for values ​​exceeding 300 million dollars; including, company acquisitions, assignments of marketing rights for pharmaceutical products and assignment of economic rights of various cinematographic works.

Enrique has given conferences and trainings in multinational companies in the pharmaceutical market on the law of protection of personal data in Mexico and is the author of articles How data affects innovation published by Managing Intellectual Property , an internationally recognized magazine.